eBay Win a Case British High Court ruled that online auction site eBay Europe is not responsible for the counterfeit product that sold on the site.

This decision won the allegations posted by cosmetics company L'Oreal and demand eBay about selling fake cosmetic products on their auction sites.

L'Oreal SA have signed this claim to the high court in the whole Europe, among others, in Germany, France, Belgium, and Spain. The L'Oreal cosmetics bogus products sold through eBay include these countries, as quoted from Yahoo News, Sunday (5/24/2009).

Cosmetics company claimed about adding the amount of bogus L'Oreal products sold through eBay. Meanwhile, eBay spokesman said negotiations about the problems between the two companies did not meet the agreement because L'Oreal revealed that the reason is not reasonable.

After passing through various examination and further debate is quite a lot, Judge Richard David Arnold finally decided eBay Europe is not responsible for the forgery offenses brand L'Oreal. eBay are not selling a product that is deliberately fake through the site, but eBay site users.

EBay says the decision is a victory for consumers and thousands of other employers who obey every day rule if sell legal goods through eBay.

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Most Needed Market Employment At this time, the career are more variety, so you may find it difficult to determine what areas most suitable for you.

Each year, the demand trends market of labor experts / professionals often shifted. Here is a list of ten types of work that most needed the by market in 2009, according to careerbuilder.co.uk:

1. Engineer
Is a professional engineer who was ranked top in terms of wages / salary in the UK. At this time, the needs of the market will be experts in the field of civil engineering and mechanics are very large, because the sector is an area that is growing most rapidly.

2. Environmental consultant
Currently, people of the world increasingly wary of the issue of global warming. With the pressure on the industrial sector to reduce emissions level of greenhouse gases, the need for environmental consultants is increasing. This is related to the deadline given to the perpetrators of the industry, to replace 20% of the energy source into a source of energy that can be updated later in 2020.

3. Expert cosmetic
Care needs by the human face and body create a demand market for cosmetics expert that does not decrease. In fact, various beauty treatments and other skin care, make experts in this field are needed.

4. Public relations
This year, the sector work in the field of public relations (PR) experienced a significant bump.This profession has the opportunity to grow in the recession, as companies choose to use it as an alternative to communicating with shareholders and the market target.

5. Human resource
Employment law is a subject that is very complex and sensitive. If treated with a blunder, it can cause a great loss for the company. To anticipate the number of termination of employment that occurred throughout this year until later in 2010, a reliable human resource and the more experienced will be needed.

6. Ad Executive
Currently, the media sector is experiencing constant growth. The advertisers hope to issue a little money for the ad, which will bring big profits from the market target. This is where the role of an ad executive is required.

7. Teachers
Up to at any time, teachers or assistants, a quality and professional will still needed.

8. Accountant
A large process of mergers and acquisitions the company made this time, creating the need for increasing staff accountant, to ensure the process runs smoothly.

9. Counselors
Pressure of the increasing life to make a lot of people suffering from stress and worries experienced excessive. Therefore, labor counselor or a psychiatric profession will be needed throughout this year.

10. Data communications analysts
The growth of various social networking sites more rapidly recently created a new marketing tool for the organization, and change the way companies communicate. Data communications analyst is required to oversee and build the internal communication network and an external organization.

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FBI was attack U.S. law enforcement Computers get attacks from the mysterious virus. The attack forced the FBI and U.S. Marshals shut down part of the network, as a precaution.

U.S. Marshals justify network computer be from the Department of Justice as a step protection. FBI official says the institution is experiencing the same things and are working hard to overcome it.

"We also evaluate the external network that affects some secret of government agency," said FBI spokesman Mike Kortan.

U.S. Marshals spokesman, Nikki Credic said, institutions computer started to shows the interference on Thursday (5/21). While the FBI prior to the attack.

"Currently there are no data to be stolen," said Credic. The virus is up to now is unknown.

To overcome the network from outside attacks, U.S. agencies have internal network to prevent cyber thief to steal confidential data.

When the attack occurred, Marshals shut off internet access and email, and other workers tried to fix it. FBI also do the same.

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Sensitive Robot that can Cry Robot technology is just a set of rigid, cold and without expression. However, the development of technology can be any possible change. Change the device including a robot without the expression of a life that has people feeling the withdrawal.

Kobian, sensitive robot that can respond to speech and action that made by human.  Scientists from Waseda University in cooperation with companies robots Tsmuk Ltd to create a robot that can laugh, cry, complain and even shame.

TG Daily, Friday (5/22/2009) spread, the creation of this robot is the development of the concept of creating robots that have ever been. Previously, the developer team of robots paranoid Android in Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's an impasse when we want to create robots that have emotional.

Scientists from the University of Waseda then develop this design. In the end, Kobian released, appeared that seven types of expression, such as human emotions.

Kobian face is governed by a number of expressions that can change the atmosphere in accordance automatically.

Due to be very close to humans, Kobian made as a complement facilities at the hospital to treat psychological and entertaining the people who are sick.

Kobian creator claims it was a breakthrough in current robot technology. With the development of robot technology, not possible in the future robots will be able to very similar to humans.

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